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If I buy a property in Istanbul, can I get residency?

Yes,you can

Is there any limit for foreigners to buy, can I buy as many flats as I can?

The limit is 30 hectares per person

Can I sell the property on to someone else before getting the title deed? (under construction projects)

Yes, you can but there will be a cost associated with this change. The amount of this cost will vary from one developer to another which will be clearly stated on the sales contract.

What does a Freehold Title Deed mean?

Freehold title deed means you have full ownership and possesion rights on that property which you can inherit, sell or rent at any time.

Can I get a Title Deed with my 100 year old father’s name on it?

Yes, you can

Can I get a Title Deed with my 1 year old baby’s name on it?

Yes,you can

Can I get a Title Deed with my partners name on it?

Yes, you can

How long does it take to receive the title deed?

It takes around 2-5 working days once you apply.

Are Foreigners allowed to buy properties in Turkey?

Yes, foreigners are allowed to buy property in Turkey.

If I pay by instalment, when do I get the title deed?

The title deed will be issued at the end of the payments and upon completion of the project. If the payment plan is longer than the completion date, then the title deed registration wil be after all the payments are completed.

I am Syrian – can I own a property in Istanbul?

Yes, you can by setting up a company in Turkey. You can buy off-plan projects now before setting up a company. However, you will need to establish a company before receiving the title deed. Our solicitor could help you set up and maintain the company.